I am the Artisan and ISFP ;
跟我同類的名人有Bob Dylan and Barbra Streisand.
As the word "tactical" implies, Artisans keep closely in "touch" with the physical world,
their senses keenly tuned to reality. But, while the Crafter is attuned to the tool and its uses, the Composer is attuned to sensory variation in color, line, texture, aroma, flavor, tone-seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, and hearing in harmony.
This extreme concreteness and sensuality seems to come naturally to the Composers, as if embedded "in the warp and woof" of their make.

While all the Artisans are artistic in nature, Composers (perhaps ten per cent of the population) seem to excel in the "fine arts," having not only a natural grace of movement, but also an innate sense what fits
and what doesn't fit in artistic compositions. Of course, composing must not be thought of as only writing music,
but as bringing into harmonious form any aspect of the world of the five senses, and so when an especially gifted painter, sculptor, choreographer, film maker, songwriter, chef, decorator, or fashion designer shows up,
he or she is likely to be an Composer.

不是平常醒著時後聽的歌。 通常為平常在聽的流行、搖滾類,可惜醒來以後就想不起來了。
有時候可以哼出一二句 ....... 可見我應該有作曲的潛力,只是在現實中無法發揮出來。

通通都寫出來了。 測驗結果的直方圖有二項結果不分軒輊,不知如何解讀。
Tender > Tought (差一點點而已) Introspective= Observant


寫的真好 : 愛做不愛說,將實際應用於理論,從失敗中學習。
ISFPs are action-oriented individuals. They are "doers". They learn best in a "hands-on" environment,
and consequently may become easily bored with the traditional teaching methods, which emphasize abstract thinking.

ISFPs are warm and sympathetic. They genuinely care about people, and are strongly service-oriented in their desire to please. They have an unusually deep well of caring for those who are close to them, and are likely to show their love through actions, rather than words.

ISFPs have no desire to lead or control others, just as they have no desire to be led or controlled by others. They need space and time alone to evaluate the circumstances of their life against their value system, and are likely to respect other people's needs for the same.


ISFPs tend to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. They hold back their ideas and opinions except from those who they are closest to.

They are likely to be kind, gentle and sensitive in their dealings with others.

習慣自省自責 The ISFP is likely to not give themself enough credit for the things which they do extremely well. Their strong value systems can lead them to be intensely perfectionist, and cause them to judge themselves with unneccesary harshness.

大公無私,犧牲小我完成大我 (自己寫出來還蠻好笑的)
The ISFP has many special gifts for the world, especially in the areas of creating artistic sensation, and selflessly serving others. Life is not likely to be extremely easy for the ISFP, because they take life so seriously, but they have the tools to make their lives and the lives of those close to them richly rewarding experiences.










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